How It Works

Meals are delivered on Mondays and Wednesdays immediately after they are cooked and chilled.

***Please order by 12pm the Saturday before your delivery (some exceptions are made) You may order several weeks at once if you would like.


Deliveries are made between 3:30pm and 5pm depending on your location.


There are 2 selections listed on the menu for Monday delivery and 3 for Wednesday delivery. Why not order all of them? They are good in the fridge for at least 4 days or they can be frozen.

Choose your plan:


Recurring or a la carte - If you order at least 8 individual portions or 4 family meals per 4 week period, recurring every 4 weeks, your price per meal will be $10 for individual portions and $25 for the Family Meal. That's a 17% discount!


If you order as needed, your price per meal will be $12 for individual portions and $30 for the Family Meal.


You can give us your selections for the whole 4 week period on selections page, or just give us your selections for the first week and then return to the site, call or email with the rest of your selections for future weeks by 12PM the Saturday before your deliveries.




One portion serves a hungry adult. The family meal is equal to approximately 3 of our regular meals and serves 2 adults and 2 kids under age 12 or 3 adults.

One-Person Meal (1 portion)= $10 ($12 if a la carte)


Two-Person Meal (2 portions)= $20 ($24 a la carte)


Family Meal=$25 ($30 if a la carte)


You do not need to be home for your delivery. Many customers leave out a cooler or if you prefer, we can provide a reusable insulated bag for a one time $5 fee, or  $10 for one that fits the family size meals.

Family Meal Cooler


We are very flexible! We want our customers to be happy. After all, the whole purpose of our business is to make life easier. You may put deliveries on hold, add additional meals, change your selections or cancel your recurring plan anytime before 12PM the Saturday before your deliveries. You will never pay for meals you did not get. 


We are very open to your feedback. We strive daily to make improvements so please let us know your thoughts on how we can be better. Thank you!


Delivery is FREE if you live in 53092, 53097, 53217, 53211, 53012, 53024, 53025


We also have several places within these zips where meals can be picked up. Within 10 miles, delivery is just $5 and within 20 it's $10.


If you receive your order on Wednesday, you could choose any or all of the 5 recipes listed for the week and get them all in one delivery for one small delivery charge. See map.


*Outside of the zones on the map, just call or email for a quote.


Delivery Zones3